• Photo plaster HMP SCHALI® D1 "D1 (Type 1 Diabetes)", 8 PCs Photo plaster HMP SCHALI® D1 "D1 (Type 1 Diabetes)", 8 PCs
  • Photo plaster HMP SCHALI® D1 "D1 (Type 1 Diabetes)", 80 PCs, closed Photo plaster HMP SCHALI® D1 "D1 (Type 1 Diabetes)", 80 PCs, closed
  • Photo plaster HMP SCHALI® D1 "D1 (Type 1 Diabetes)", 80 PCs, opened Photo plaster HMP SCHALI® D1 "D1 (Type 1 Diabetes)", 80 PCs, opened

HMP SCHALI® D-1 "Type 1 Diabetes"

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Quick Overview

HMP SCHALI® - D1 Medical Plaster is intended to restore human serotonin receptors function by energetically inducing active acupuncture points in human body. Neurotransmitter serotonin transfers signals through cerebral neurons and is responsible for behaviour, nutrition habits, energy exchange etc. Serotonin is normally released in intestine, hepatic β-cells and promotes blood coagulability and liver function. Next to complex therapy, normalization of serotoninergic function supports treatment of type 1 diabetes conditions. HMP SCHALI® - D1 Medical Plaster may be used alone and in combination with common therapeutic drugs in type 1 diabetes conditions for better therapeutic results.
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Application Instructions

Medical Product for Normalizing Human Serotonin Balance

Sterile Hydrocolloid Mineral Plaster (HMP) SCHALI® - D1 (Type 1 Diabetes)



HMP SCHALI® - D1 is a hydrocolloid mineral plaster based on SCHALI® active mineral formulation (SCHALI-T/10-S titanium dioxide [TiO2]).

Titanium dioxide, Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Elastomer, Dioctyl adipate, 100% Hydrogenated petroleum resin, Polyurethane film, Polyethylene terephthalate.



HMP SCHALI® Hydrocolloid Mineral Plaster is intended to restore and maintain normal serotonin balance in humans.

HMP SCHALI® exerts a synergistic effect to human body and promotes function of human serotonin receptors. In contact to warm human skin, hydrocolloid mineral plaster induces natural heat response, that triggers generating active oxygen molecules [O2(a1Δg)] on the surface of crystals of distinct type oxides (TiO2) – semiconductors, containing plenty of reactive centers for energy transfer. Energy that is emitted by generation of active oxygen forms, is transferred to human body, where it induces and maintains cascades of bio-resonance wave processes, resulting in better function of serotonin receptors. Control over serotonin reuptake inhibition is enabled by selectively blocking serotonin absorption in presynaptic membrane. Hence, re-balanced level of neurotransmitter in the synaptic cleft may intensify neurotransmission in serotonergic synapses.

Serotonin balance also has a strong health beneficial effect and helps in relieving symptoms of different pathological conditions.

Normal function of human serotonin receptors contributes to both restoration of homeostasis and better function of main human organs and systems.



  • Pancreatic β – cells autoimmune destruction
  • Pancreas disorders (pancreatitis, cancer conditions, resection etc.)
  • Low insulin sensitivity in peripheral tissues
  • Different gene defects, endocrine disorders and infectious diseases
  • Certain drugs and fine chemicals
  • Carbohydrate metabolism disturbances
  • High psychological and mental stress
  • Serotonin deficiency syndrome caused by smooth muscles dysfunction (spasm or paralysis), thrombocytopenia, impairment of consciousness, and by certain active pharmacological substances (exo- or endotoxins, drugs etc.), that may affect serotonin – serotonin receptor interaction dramatically
  • Central nervous system (CNS) disturbances of different genesis.



Serotonergic neurons innervate many CNS structures, making serotonin to an important player in integral functions of human body, like dietary behavior, sleeping, circadian rhythms, mood etc. Besides, serotonin is generated in intestines, pancreatic β - cells and plays an important role in blood coagulation process and liver function. As soon serotonin receptors function is back to a healthy one, pancreatic β –cells are induced to regenerate tissues and increase sensitivity to glucose, resulting in more insulin release by β – cells per each blood glucose item, enhancing in that way insulin production in pancreas. Next to complex antidiabetic therapy, maintenance of normal serotoninergic function contributes to better therapeutic effect in type 1 diabetes conditions. Regular use of the product helps in maintaining normal serotonin level and has a strong antidiabetic effect.



  • Normalized function of serotonin receptors supports proopiomelanocortin neurons subset signaling and therefore has strong stimulating and antidiabetic effects
  • Inducing insulin generation in pancreas
  • Improving insulin sensitivity in liver cells
  • Promoting liver function and lowering blood glucose
  • Optimizing fasting glucose level, lowering risk of hypoglycemia
  • Lowering risk of diabetic foot diseases (ulcer, perulo-necrotic processes), associated to peripheral nerves and soft tissues vessels malfunction
  • Improving diabetic retinopathy conditions (poor eyesight)
  • Relieving neuropathy conditions (pain and cramp in extremities)
  • Supporting pancreatic, renal and heart function
  • Lowering risk of atherosclerosis in peripheral arteries, also in lower extremities arteries
  • Lowering risk of heart diseases (atherosclerosis of aorta, ischemic conditions)
  • Supporting gastroenteric motility and secretion
  • Supporting respiratory apparatus and urogenital system function
  • Restoring broken metabolism, vessel affection, CNS function
  • Increasing membrane depolarization.

HMP “SCHALI®” is recommended as a preventive and therapeutic agent in diabetes- and age-related angiopathy conditions.

Next to morphological causes, one of the most important diabetic and age-related angiopathy risk factors is serotonin deficiency- associated microcirculation disturbance, caused by alteration (degradation) in smooth muscles serotonin receptors that were affected by ligands for a long time.

Regular use of the product induces regeneration in smooth muscles resulting in less hypoxia in tissues (better wound healing, no exogenous, respiratory and hemic hypoxia, no cardiac decompensation), i.e. in diabetes- and age-related angiopathy conditions, impaired microcirculation leads to development of hypoxia sites (toes and/or foot tissue injury and necrosis).



It’s recommended to use HMP “SCHALI®-D1” as follows:

  • Apply 2 products at the same time to the marked acupuncture points 3 since day 1 to day 38 (see Scheme of acupuncture points).
  • Apply one product to the marked acupuncture points 3 since day 39 (see Scheme of acupuncture points).



This medical product may be used in a complex therapy and is well compatible with other medications.

It’s strongly recommended to consult your attending medical doctor for re-dosing or cancelling your prescribed medications while using the product.



Attach the product onto posterior neck surface on VII cervical vertebra (mostly prominent neck-bone), on acupuncture point(s) (See Scheme of Acupuncture Points) and/or over problem site(s), and wear the product several days continuously. Do not remove the product for night time or while sleeping, taking bath or shower. The product is waterproof, resistant to temperature drop and may be worn for 3 to 7 days averagely. Feeling of warmth in the contact site is a normal reaction and requires no product removal. The first effect is to expect within 10-40 min. Duration of application course depends on individual response.



No side effects.

No product dependence. No rebound syndrome.



The product includes a hydrocolloid pad impregnated with SCHALI® active mineral formulation and placed in the middle of a fixing part made of an environment-friendly transparent polymeric material and hypoallergenic adhesive. Both sides of the product are covered with protective sheets. The product is placed into a protective bag with tear-off control.



Keep the product in the intact protective bag at below +25°С, with no contact to odorous and chemical substances.

Prohibited wearing the product in sauna, steam bath and solarium.

Keep away from direct sunlight.

Do not use while sunbathed.



Shelf life is 3 years from the date of production.

Do not use the product after expiry date specified on the package.


HMP SCHALI® Hydrocolloid Mineral Plaster is made under license No. 286-S





Application area

Better Health, Endocrinology


Better general feeling, better health, Diabetes, High weight, Metabolic disorders, Antiviral respiratory protection during pandemic

Release Form


Product net weight, kg

0.08 ±5%

Method of application


Primary package #1

Sterile Al foil bag

Size of primary package #1 (L х W), mm

65 х 65

Net weight of primary package #1, kg


Gross weight of primary package #1, kg


Primary package #1 number, pcs


Consumer package #1

Package #8

Size of consumer package #1 (L х W), mm

107 х 66 х 9

Net weight of consumer package #1, kg


Gross weight of consumer package #1, kg


Consumer package #1 number, pcs

8 plasters in sterile Al foil bag

Consumer package #2

Show box #80

Size of consumer package #2 (L х W), mm

110 х 105 х 69

Net weight of consumer package #2, kg


Gross weight of consumer package #2, kg


Consumer package #2 number, pcs

80 plasters in sterile Al foil bag / 10 packages #8

Freight package #1

3 layers cardboard box "T" #12

Size of freight package #1 (L х W), mm

340 х 235 х 170

Freight package #1 net weight, kg


Freight package #1 gross weight, kg


Freight package #1 number, pcs

12 show boxes №80 / 10 packages №8

Freight package #2

5 layers cardboard box "P" #2

Size of freight package #2 (L х W), mm

355 х 335 х 255

Freight package #2 net weight, kg


Freight package #2 gross weight, kg


Freight package #2 number, pcs

2 pcs 3 layers cardboard boxes "T" #12 / 24 Show boxes #80

Freight package #3

Pallet #45

Size of freight package #3 (L х W), mm

1200 х 800 х 1600

Freight package #3 net weight, kg


Freight package #3 gross weight, kg


Freight package #3 number, pcs

45 pcs 5 layers cardboard boxes "P" #2 / 1080 Show boxes #80

Shelf life

36 months from the date of production

Storage conditions

Should be stored in intact packaging at a temperature not exceeding +25°С

Country of Manufacture





HMP SCHALI® "Type 1 Diabetes" is hydrocolloid mineral plaster based on the active composition SCHALI® (titanium dioxide (TiO2) SCHALI®-T/10-S).

  • Titanium dioxide
  • Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose
  • Elastomer
  • Dioctyl adipate
  • 100% Hydrogenated petroleum resin
  • Polyurethane film
  • Polyethylene terephthalate